Another bloody mucca publicity stunt


Shameless gold digger Heather mills McCartney yesterday sank to new lows in her desperate attempts at keeping in the newspapers with yet another publicity seeking stunt.  The evil charlatan, who recently got divorce to ex Beatle Sir Paul McCartney, was at the center of a incident involved children and ended in the emergency services rushing to the scene.  Many onlookers say that it was a miracle that no one was killed or badly hurt in the incident.


Fire chief John Goodman was later scathing in his condemnation for the stunt when he told us: "It appears that Ms Mills McCartney was passing the building when she noticed clouds of smoke and the screams of children.  She then entered the house without a thought for her own safety and rescues all of the children from the house.  I think it's safe to say that without the bravery and quick thinking of Ms Mills McCartney, these children may not have survived."  When pushed to comment on how stupid she clearly was, Chief Goodman commented: "Well, I suppose under normal circumstances we would always recommend that the public don't put themselves in such danger but in this case..."


Fire officer Keith Newman could hardly contain his anger at Heather Mills 'Mucca' McCartney with his outburst: "For god sake, will you people just give it up.  Can't you see that if it wasn't for this woman, children would have died..."


Officer Newman was not the only to see through the so called 'heroic act' for what it clearly was.  Mother of one of the so called ‘Children’, June Goodlady had more scathing comments: "My five year old daughter Sarah owe her life to Heather."


Slay the evil witch

This is the third time in the last month that money grabber Mucca has somehow managed to get herself into the news with some sort of idiotic act of so called heroics.  These latest antics follow on from her pathetic cry for attention last week when she landed a Boeing 757 after all the crew where overcome with food poisoning. 


Her foolish actions where again condemned by British Airways' chief executive Bob Ayling who ranted: "To land a 757 safely with only having had a few flying lessons on a flight simulator is nothing short of miraculous.  Ms Mills McCartney managed this on her own and with one leg."


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