Bloody Normans still going on about "66"


Many Saxon fans are becoming increasingly fed up with what they see as a Norman obsession with their famous victory in 66. 


Johnny Bulldog of the Saxon supporters club summed it up when he told us: "I don't have anything against the Normans, but you can't turn the TV on without some bloody Norman pundit waffling on… 66 this and 66 that.  Why can't they just shut up about it?"


"I mean, Hastings took place years ago.  Why do they always have to keep bring it up all the time.  Any time there is something on the TV about a battle, you can guarantee that within a few minute of it starting, one of them will have mentioned 1066.  'This is just like 1066,' they'll say."


"Funny how they never mention 1062, when they got humped in the quarter finals by West Germany.  Or the fact that they haven’t won a battle since."

Lord Motty still fucking banging on about 66 after 942 years


It's believed that most of the present day animosity between the two races is due to this so called Norman obsession.  In a recent survey, a staggering 72% of Saxons listed Norman media bias as their number one gripe. 


"The worst one is that bloody 'Lord Motson of Mottyshire'.  You'll be two minutes into a  battle and he will come away with 'Didn't that shot certainly remind you of William the Conqueror’s last minute eye poke in the dieing minutes of the 1066 finals'.  The never seem to recall the fact that it was clearly off side."


"Why can't they just let it go?  Most people I know weren’t even born in 1066.”


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