Cum Face Competition


We’ve had a great response to our new competition.  Pictures have been flooding in of your funny cum faces.  Please remember that we can’t accept any photos that aren’t genuine, so no famous people or porn stars.


These are our most resent favourites; however there is still plenty of time to send in your own if you haven’t done so far.  Good luck.


Reverent Shamus O'Flanagan , Northern Ireland -

"Being a man of the church, I wouldn't really get myself involved in these sorts of competitions, however, my wife thought it would be a good laugh and so... anyway, I really hope I win as the cash prize would really come in handy."


Abu Abdul Zukorlic, Islamabad -

"Being a strict muslin I wouldn't normally get myself involved in this sort of thing, however, I though if the fucking Presbyterians are up for it then it must be OK."

Arnold, North Carolina -

"I have to admit that I did have a little bit of a backfire while shooting out this one.  Luckily I did manage to blame the dog."


Barry, Ipswich -

"Unbeknown to me, I was caught on CCTV while trying to release a particularly nasty guff.  The resulting photo is most amusing." 

Harry, The Midlands -

"There's actually quite a funny story attached to this photo but I'm fucked if I can remember what it is.  Anyway, It's the last time I will be getting liposuction."


George, Texas -

"This is the second time entering this competition.  Barbra snapped this one just seconds after I'd won a second term.  I nearly took someone's eye out."

Frank, Germany -


"Vorsprung jizz Technik!  Being the current German cum face champion, I have high hopes of winning this.  It's good practice for the forthcoming Olympic games."

Cum Face Competition
Your pictures keep flooding in.  Remember, only original pictures of yourselves will make it to the final.
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